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Telecommunication Networks Co., Ltd. is a network of Iranian optical networks based on the experience of its founders in the design, implementation and supply of telecommunication and fiber optic network equipment based on the latest achievements of communication technology and also serve to promote the level of knowledge of telecommunication technology in Iran. It turned out
This company is the exclusive distributor of FIBERKING products in the United Kingdom (Middle East) in Iran.
In addition to Iran, the company has several activities in neighboring countries and the Istanbul (Istanbul) office in Turkey is ready to cooperate with international companies in providing fiber optic network services.
In 2012, CommunicationGastar Company signed a direct contract with Fiber Elektronik (Turkish-Taiwan Company) as the company’s partner in fiber optics and related equipment.
Goals and Policies:
Providing Engineering, Consulting and Supervisory Services and Provision of Equipment in the Fields of Fiber Optic, Active and Passive Network Networks, and Provision of Applied Instruments Used in Fiber Optic Networks, Depending on the Technology of the Day, and the Development of New Technology in the Area and Country
Company activity fields:
Fiber optic network engineering (trading, sales of technical and specialized training of fiber optic networks)
Installation, maintenance, manufacturing and support in the field of telecommunication and fiber optic equipment
Consultancy on FTTH, GPONE projects, based on the Istanbul Executive Office’s experience in this area
Products :
Fiber-optic network equipment
Passive equipment
Import and supply of INDORE-OUTDOR cables, internal, external, and air (ADSS, OPGW)
Import of various fiber-optic joints (INLINE) and air in various brands, including NETWORK, SAMJIN 3M, DOME
Import of all types of fiber optic connectivity including fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic adapters and pigets in different types of single-mode (SM), multi-mod (MM), NZ, OM3, OM4, in various sizes and with multiple connectors (SC, FC, LC, ST, DIN) used in telecommunication, military and medical applications for use in various organs
Import of patched panel panels with galvanized body and fixed plate with the ability to install all types of adapters in the market in various types of rail and fixed
Import of types of fiber optic head posts in different capacities with wall mounting with rain protection for indoor and outdoor use.
Import of cassettes for patch panels and wall panels and fiber optic joints with different capacities in reputable brands.
Active equipment
Import of Computer and Fiber Optic Switches on CISCO, DLINK, PLANET
Import media brands with valid brands
Import video constants with valid brands
Import SFP modules with CISCO, PLANET brand on various boards according to the needs of the executive
FUSION SPLICER and spare parts
OTDR testing machines and spare parts for AFL, EXFO brands
TESA Fiber Optic Adhesives
Strippers, Scissors, and Fiber Optic Covers Fiber Brand
Visual Fault Locator with metal body of between 10 MW and 25 MW FIBERKI8NG Brand
Technologies of the company
The technology of the company is currently up-to-date and next year, all efforts of business and business policy makers will focus on improving and updating the new areas of information and communication technology. And the network and communications industry will be taking advantage of the new technology
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